Thursday, July 26, 2007

WHY risk the RISK

With all this talk about Boy vs Girls on game night --
"You cheated!!"
"That's a gesture!!"
"OMG you suck where's the wine!!"

Why don't we just take this war to WAR...a...another (1st was iron chef)....additional (2nd was petty board games) challenge

A simple game of RISK
between the men and the women of omgbff
and because i am sure that the ladies would be offended by being called the Axis of Evil...we'll take the call

and yes i know the girls will begin complaining -- please stay seated and let me complain and retort

Yen: "But buttt I DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY!?!?" *followed by a deep sigh, whine and frown
Phong: "Baby...Baby don't worry, I'll teach you. kiss kiss hug hug
**now begins Dru tossing his cookies (ending any chance of making out w/ Yen's sister...but not Yen) // Andy looking for pron in the closet // Issa searching for wine, Donny rubbing his shoulder // Roz rubbing her fist because she just punched Donny on the shoulder // Linlin is planing the quickest exit // Eric and Truc still aren't there yet

Roz: "This is stupid"
Donny: "Baby...Baby don't worry...just keep on drinkin the wine"
**Dru drinks // Andy 'comes out of the closet' // Issa is smiling cause shes had wine // Linlin is putting on her shoes // Eric and company still aren't there yet

Issa: "This is going to take forever"
Dru: "Baaabyy,, dooont wurry bouuut it" **passes out on the floor
Donny: "Don't worry ladies, you won't be playing very long as you're all going to DIE!!"
Andy grins // Issa drinks // Linlin is gone // Eric finally arrives with a TV // and Roz is winding
up for another punch

all in all its a beautiful day and nite of beer, bbq, additional boos, smiles, vomit, pron, early exits, late entrys, grins, laughs, punches, kisses and all out WAR.

bring it

MEN/Axis of Max POWERS **
Donny (am i really volunteering myself to be hitler...i guess i am starting a war)

Women/Allies of displeasure **
Yen's sister

oh and by the way...anyone have RISK??

1 comment:

issa said...

dang it dru.. you need to learn drinking in moderation. i can't believe you're going to pass out before the game even begins.


ps. buuut i don't really wanna play risk. how bout the guys stay home and play risk while the girls figure out something else to do. :)