Monday, July 30, 2007

the AFTER aftermath.

so after yen's delectable bbq/housewarming/was it really a gamenight party... dru went from sorta sober dru to drunken dru during the walk from yen's place to the door of his car.

dru: i wanna dance let's go to chrome...
dru: i just wanna look at girls and dance. but not talk to them or anything
dru: but we can go to the japanese arcade first and then chrome afterwards, i'm only in town for one night.
us: well why don't we just go to chrome so you can dance longer, blah blah blah
dru: NO, i want to play japanese games.
us: ???
dru: I am going to japanese arcade not chrome!
us: didn't you say you wanted to dance??
dru to d+roz: you guys go home i will see you in the morning, roz is too dressed up for arcadeness.
dru to me: i will be taking a right on westheimer if you do not go to planet zero and have fun our almost 10 year friendship is over. ps. you better have fun.
us: !!!
dru is now dancing in his car at the stop light.

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d o nn y said...

you forgot the:
dru to d: dude TTG!! we gotta go out man. its way too early
d: okay lets go home and change and we'll meet up with Linlin
dru: NO WAY we're going to the arcade...just go home!! I'll see you tomorrow. we cool. we cool
d: huh??
roz: 'sigh'