Monday, September 29, 2008

Better than just a "Look Out"

I'm no I'll let the pics tell the story

Just another typical NYC nite on the town. Girls were tired, donny threw a tantrum, and the roomie w/ wingman-phong were ready to party.

Luckily we weren't alone, cousin Gina, new yorker Andre, and Gina's friend Han joined us.

As the evening progress Donny and Dre started conspiring in hopes of getting some girls for the roomie.

but this is all we could get...

trying to figure out what to do...

we called for back-up. And apparently my cousin has talent for this kinda thing.

so they got to talking (Not sure what Dru's conversations were like but Phong was constantly telling the girls about the committed relationship he had w/ his wonderfully awesome girlfriend...uhh, whats her name...ummmm....Yen!! yeah thats it!!)

I just sat on the sidelines, tired from twittling my fingers like Mr. Burns

so proud (this picture was taken after Phong showed the girls pictures of wonderful girlfriend, Yen!!, the other half of his fantastically committed relationship)


issa said...

zomg how old are those girls! JAILBAIT

Dru!!! said...

I think I would have had more luck with the black guy.