Saturday, January 19, 2008

we have come, we have conquered

2007 was the year of OMGBFF

Yen got a new job
Eric got engaged
Andrew and Donny got an apt together
Yen and Phong began
Lin Lin got a new car
Jeannie moved back
Thomas got a new job
Yen bought her first place
Lin Lin got a new job
Andy got a new car
Yvonne moved back (temporarily)
Jeannie got a new truck
Eric (mom) got a new house
Roz started grad school
Truc got a new car
Lin Lin got another new job
Eric got married

Did I miss anything? (apologies if I did)

In conclusion, Issa is the most stable of us all.


d o nn y said...

issa, yen, and phong got running skillz
and omgbffs discovered spam sushi and the guys always rule game nites =)

man, i need all the above (new car/truck, job, additional schooling, etc.

issa said...

is stable a nicer word for boring?